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Vintage Portraits Of Native American Teen Girls Show Their Breathtaking Style And Beauty

We were browsing around trying to find some unique and interesting pictures about the native american culture, because who doesn't love that? We saw this really interesting collection of photos which we originally found on Below you can check it out!   Get one of these Tribal Style Fringe Rucksacks to show off your vintage style!!!   #1 O-o-be, The Kiowas, 1894   2. Gertrude Three Finger, Cheyenne, 1869-1904, By William E. Irwin   3. Unidentified Native American Girl, Lakota, 1890   4. Elsie Vance Chestuen, Chiricahua   5. Taos Pueblo Tribe Girl, 1880-1890   6. Tsawatenok Girl, 1914, By Edward Curtis   7. A Young Ute Woman, 1880-1900   8. A Kiowa Girl, 1892   9. Pretty Nose, Cheyenne, 1878, By L. A. Huffman...

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